MIT Lincoln Laboratory Receives 2023 R&D 100 Awards for Breakthrough Technologies

MIT Lincoln Laboratory has been recognized with multiple R&D 100 Awards for its innovative technologies. Among the award-winning technologies is a noncontact ultrasound system for medical imaging. This system eliminates the need for physical contact with the patient, allowing for more accurate and repeatable measurements. It uses a laser to convert optical energy into ultrasound waves, which are then used to generate images. This touchless design opens up new possibilities for ultrasound imaging in different settings, such as during surgery or in remote locations.

Another award-winning technology is Puckboard, a web-based tool that revolutionizes crew scheduling for the Air Force. Traditionally, crew scheduling was done manually on a whiteboard, but Puckboard automates and optimizes the process using artificial intelligence techniques. It takes into account various metrics to recommend optimal schedules, freeing up valuable time for airmen to focus on their primary duties.

Additionally, Lincoln Laboratory has developed a cryptographic hardware device called the Security/Cyber Module (SCM) End Cryptographic Unit (ECU). This compact device provides secure communication for uncrewed systems by establishing secret keys on the fly. It has been certified by the National Security Agency and can be easily deployed in a variety of vehicles and missions.

Lastly, the laboratory has created a scalable and photonic memory for quantum networking. This quantum memory module combines a photonic interface, loss error correction, and scalability into a single module. It allows for reliable information transfer between separate quantum systems, even across lossy transmission links.

These award-winning technologies demonstrate MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation and its impact on various fields. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, the laboratory is changing the world through its successful technology development and transition.

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