MIT Economist David Autor Named 2023 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist for Contributions to Understanding Technological Change and Globalization’s Impact on Jobs

David H. Autor, an MIT economics professor, has been honored with the 2023 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist award for his groundbreaking research on the impact of technology and globalization on the job market. Alongside Anne Brunet from Stanford University, Autor has been recognized for his significant contributions to the field.

The NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award, presented by the NOMIS Foundation, acknowledges researchers who have made innovative and influential contributions to their respective fields. David Autor is being recognized for his ongoing research on the effects of technological change and globalization on workers’ job prospects and earnings.

Apart from his role at MIT, where he co-directs several initiatives, including the MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative and MIT Blueprint Labs, Autor will also lead the Expertise project funded by the NOMIS Foundation. The project aims to explore how new technologies like generative AI will impact expertise, raising the question of whether they will complement or commodify it.

Joshua Angrist, another MIT economics professor and recipient of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics, commended Autor’s research, stating that it has provided unprecedented insights into how the labor market functions. Angrist highlighted Autor’s ability to address significant economic questions using theoretical reasoning and state-of-the-art tools for causal inference. He also praised Autor’s ability to explain his findings with grace and humor, offering reassurance in the face of uncertain times.

Daron Acemolgu, MIT Institute professor and co-director of the MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative, echoed Angrist’s sentiments, acknowledging Autor’s substantial contributions to labor economics. Acemolgu described Autor as a trailblazing researcher who has revolutionized our understanding of various topics, including the impact of imports from China, technology-driven inequality, and changing work arrangements. Acemolgu also praised Autor’s dedication as an advisor and colleague.

The 2023 NOMIS Awards ceremony will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, in October. This prestigious recognition highlights the immense impact David Autor has had on labor economics and our understanding of important societal trends. Both the academic community and the general public have benefited from his research, and his work continues to shape our thinking on the future of work and technology.

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