How to Create Consistent Ad-to-Bot Experiences for Successful Customer Acquisition

Optimizing a Messenger bot for customer acquisition requires creating consistent ad-to-bot experiences. The ad and the bot need to be designed together to ensure that the traffic generated can be optimized for. If the ad and bot are not aligned, the welcome message conversion rate may be low.

To improve the acquisition key performance indicator (KPI), which is the cost per click (CPC), there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, using Messages objective campaigns has proven to perform consistently better than other campaigns. Secondly, targeting the right audience can have a huge impact on ad performance. One effective technique is to create lookalike audiences based on people who have already interacted with the bot. Lastly, using a low effort call-to-action (CTA) in the ad, such as “Learn more” instead of “Send message,” tends to yield better results.

To optimize the activation KPI, which is the welcome message conversion rate, it is important to ensure that the content of the welcome message is consistent with the ad text and image. The ad and bot experience should be aligned. Additionally, using a low effort question in the welcome message can help minimize friction and encourage users to opt into the conversation with the bot. Rhetorical questions like “Do you want to start?” or “Do you want to receive a free coupon code?” work well.

Optimizing the conversion KPI, which is the lead conversion rate, is more specific to each company. However, there are some key questions to consider. Firstly, is the conversation building enough trust for the user to provide their contact details? Shorter bots may not perform as well as longer ones because users may prefer more questions before providing their personal information. Secondly, it is important to explain why the personal information is being requested and what will happen after it is submitted. Lastly, providing an incentive, such as a free quote or high-quality content, can encourage users to leave their personal details.

By considering these factors and optimizing the different steps of the funnel, businesses can improve the performance of their Messenger bots for customer acquisition purposes.

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