Home AI Tools Discover the Power of Official ChatGPT Plugins: Extending AI Knowledge with Wolfram Alpha, Zapier, Expedia, and More!

Discover the Power of Official ChatGPT Plugins: Extending AI Knowledge with Wolfram Alpha, Zapier, Expedia, and More!

Discover the Power of Official ChatGPT Plugins: Extending AI Knowledge with Wolfram Alpha, Zapier, Expedia, and More!

ChatGPT Plugins: Extend the Functionality with Official Addons

ChatGPT Plugins: Extend the Functionality with Official Addons

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What are Official ChatGPT Plugins?

Official ChatGPT Plugins are addons that enhance the capabilities of the AI tool by integrating with other APIs, external tools, and applications. These plugins expand the functionality of ChatGPT and allow users to interact with third-party websites and applications. With over 128 official plugins available, ChatGPT becomes a powerful tool for executing commands, accessing real-time data, and much more.

How to Access Official Plugins in ChatGPT?

Official plugins are seamlessly integrated into the ChatGPT interface. To access these plugins, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus user, which costs $20 per month. By subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, you not only gain access to the Plugins feature but also get to enjoy the enhanced natural language processing power of GPT-4. Once you have access, you can easily install and enable multiple plugins in a single chat window.

List of Official ChatGPT Plugins

  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Zapier
  • Expedia
  • ABC Music Notation
  • ABCMouse
  • Abridged Due Diligence
  • Access Link
  • AI Tool Hunt
  • AITicketChat
  • Algorithms
  • Ambition
  • Ask Your PDF
  • BizToc
  • BlockAtlas
  • Bohita
  • Boolio
  • Bramework
  • BuyWisely
  • C3 Glide
  • Career Copilot
  • ChangeChatSpot
  • ChatWithVideo
  • Clinical Trial Radar
  • Cloudflare Radar
  • CoinCap
  • Comic Finder
  • Competitor PPC Audit
  • Coupert
  • Crafty Clues
  • CreatiCode Scratch
  • Creatuity Stores
  • Creature Generator
  • CreditYelp
  • Currency Converter
  • Decision Journal
  • DEV Community
  • edX
  • Expedia
  • FiscalNote
  • FundsDB
  • Gamebase
  • GetYourGuide
  • Giftwrap
  • Giga Tutor
  • Glowing
  • Golden
  • Hauling Buddies
  • Hubbub
  • I Am Rich
  • ImageSearch by Unsplash
  • Instacart
  • KalendarAI
  • KeyMate.AI Search
  • Keyplays Live Soccer Scores
  • Klarna Shopping
  • Klook
  • Kraftful
  • Lexi Shopper
  • Likewise
  • Link Reader
  • Local by Goodcall
  • Lowes
  • Magnetis
  • Manorlead
  • Metaphor
  • Milo Family AI
  • MixerBox News
  • MixerBox OnePlayer
  • Noteable
  • One Word Domains
  • OpenTable
  • Open Lecture
  • Open Trivia
  • Options Pro
  • OwlJourney
  • Penrose Analyst
  • Photorealistic
  • Podcast Search
  • Planfit
  • PlaylistAI
  • Polarr
  • Polygon
  • PortfoliosLab
  • Portfolio Pilot
  • Prompt Perfect
  • PublicQuake
  • QuickRecall
  • Redfin
  • Rentable Apartments
  • RoboAd
  • Savvy Trader AI
  • ScraperSEO CORE AI
  • SEO.app
  • Shimmer: Nutrition
  • ShopShow Me
  • Speak
  • Speechki
  • Statis Fund Finance
  • Tabelog
  • Tasty Recipes
  • There’s An AI For That
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Tomorrow.io Weather
  • Trip.com
  • Turo
  • Tutory
  • UK Latest News
  • Video Insights
  • Visla
  • Vivian Health
  • VoxScript
  • Wahl
  • Weather Report
  • WebPilot
  • Website Performance
  • Wishbucket
  • Wolfram
  • Word Sneak
  • World News
  • Xpapers
  • Yabble
  • Yay! Forms
  • Zapier
  • Zillow
  • Zumper Rental Search

Favorite and Useful Official ChatGPT Plugins

  • Wolfram: Enhances your math problem-solving capabilities and provides access to scientific information.
  • Zapier: Enables integration with various apps and websites for task automation and simplification.
  • Expedia: Helps with trip planning by providing live information about flights and hotel prices.
  • Shop App: Facilitates online shopping by allowing you to search for products, compare prices, and place orders.
  • Klarna Shopping: Makes online shopping easier by offering flexible payment options and helping you find good deals.
  • OpenTable: Allows you to find and reserve tables at restaurants based on your preferences.
  • Instacart: Simplifies grocery shopping by letting you order items online and have them delivered to your doorstep.
  • KAYAK: Helps plan trips by comparing prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Milo Family AI: Keeps families organized and connected through schedule management and reminders.
  • Speak (Language Translation Plugin): Translates text in multiple languages in real time.
  • FiscalNote: Aids businesses in understanding and managing government policies and regulations.
  • Lowes: Provides a wide range of products and services for home improvement projects.
  • CreatiCode Scratch: Teaches coding and programming concepts through interactive games and puzzles.
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