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Brand Strategies in Conversational Interfaces: Expert Tips and Insights

Brand Strategies in Conversational Interfaces: Expert Tips and Insights

Dashbot recently held a meetup in NYC to discuss brand strategies for conversational interfaces. The panelists included experts from IBM, Google, Reprise Digital, and Realogy. These experts highlighted the importance of context when designing chatbots or voice skills. They emphasized that understanding the user’s location, task, and device capabilities is crucial for an effective interaction.

IBM and Google both work with a wide range of users and enterprises. While IBM focuses on customer care, Google’s use cases vary depending on the context – home, mobile, or on-the-go in a car. Reprise Digital collaborates with brands looking to experiment on new platforms, market products, or provide information. Realogy, the real estate holding company, developed their own voice skill called AgentX, which helps agents access important information quickly.

The panel also emphasized the need for simplicity in interactions. Complex back-and-forths should be avoided, and tasks should be streamlined. Realogy, for example, focuses on providing real estate listings quickly. They aim to add new capabilities only when it makes sense.

Another important aspect discussed was the personality of chatbots and voice skills. Depending on the use case, a chatbot’s personality can enhance the user experience. IBM’s empathy suite allows their chatbots to understand user emotions and respond accordingly. Reprise Digital also emphasizes creating a consistent brand voice across all platforms, including voice devices.

Overall, the meetup highlighted the evolving nature of conversational interfaces and the need for brands to consider context, simplicity, and personality when building chatbots or voice skills.

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