Year of Breakthroughs: Advancing AI Technology for the Future

“Year of Incredible Progress in AI” Reviewed by Leading Experts in AI

As we close out 2023, there’s no doubt we’ve seen amazing advancements in AI technology. From generative AI like Bard creating music, stories, and text to the launch of Gemini, our most capable and general AI model, this year, the progress has been extraordinary.

Advances in products & technologies

The year started with the launch of Bard, a tool that explores creative ideas and has multilingual capabilities. We also saw the launch of other products like Search Generative Experience and Duet AI, and Imagen Editor, Imagen 2, enhancing text-to-image generation.

More recently, we released Gemini, our largest and most capable AI model, boosting performance with human expert-level results in many domains.

ML/AI Research

We’ve made considerable progress in the broader fields of machine learning and AI research as well. Google researchers developed the Transformer model architecture in 2017, and it’s now being used in domains like computer vision, audio, genomics, and protein folding.

We have also made significant advancements in multi-step reasoning and algorithmic prompting methods to improve AI accuracy.

As we look forward to 2024, we’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of AI, leading the way in developing and delivering beneficial and ethical AI applications.

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