Home AI News VISPROG: A Neuro-Symbolic System for Complex Task Execution using Natural Language and Vision

VISPROG: A Neuro-Symbolic System for Complex Task Execution using Natural Language and Vision

VISPROG: A Neuro-Symbolic System for Complex Task Execution using Natural Language and Vision

Title: VISPROG: A Versatile AI System for Complex Tasks

The search for general-purpose AI systems has led to the development of capable end-to-end trainable models. These models aim to provide a simple natural language interface for users to engage with. However, executing complex tasks using these systems requires a carefully selected dataset for each task. In this work, researchers from the Allen Institute for AI propose VISPROG, a program that handles the long tail of complex tasks by using big language models.

VISPROG: A Modular and Interpretable Neuro-Symbolic System
VISPROG is a program developed by the Allen Institute for AI that takes visual information and a natural language command as input. It creates a series of instructions, or a visual program, and executes these instructions to produce the desired result. VISPROG uses modules such as pre-built language models, image processing subroutines, arithmetic and logical operators, and computer vision models to carry out each step of the program.

Enhanced Program Generation and Execution
VISPROG enhances the generation and execution of programs for vision applications. It allows users to build complicated programs without prior training by leveraging the power of a potent language model (GPT-3) and limited in-context examples. The programs created by VISPROG are more abstract than traditional methods, offering quick and effective solutions to complex tasks.

Interpretability and Verification
VISPROG ensures interpretability by creating simple-to-understand programs that can be checked for logical accuracy by the user. It also breaks down predictions into manageable parts, enabling users to examine and correct intermediate results if necessary. The flow of information in the program serves as a visual justification for the prediction.

Versatility and Applications
VISPROG showcases its versatility by successfully handling four distinct activities: answering compositional visual questions, zero-shot NLVR on picture pairings, factual knowledge object labeling from NL instructions, and language-guided image manipulation. These tasks require a combination of common skills and specialized thinking, and VISPROG delivers pleasing results.

VISPROG offers a user-friendly and highly effective solution for executing complex tasks in AI systems. It leverages the power of language models and modular programming to simplify the process and provide interpretable results. With its versatility and impressive performance, VISPROG is set to revolutionize the field of AI task execution.

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