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Vision Language Models and the Future of AI: A Product Manager’s Perspective

Vision Language Models and the Future of AI: A Product Manager’s Perspective

Introducing Gemma Jennings: A Product Manager at DeepMind

Gemma Jennings, a product manager on the Applied team at DeepMind, recently led a session on vision language models at the AI Summit, one of the world’s largest AI events for business.

Joining the Applied Team at DeepMind

As a part of the Applied team, Gemma’s role involves bringing DeepMind’s technology to the outside world through Alphabet and Google products and solutions, such as WaveNet, Google Assistant, Maps, and Search. Acting as a bridge between the two organizations, she closely collaborates with both teams to understand the research and explore its usability. The ultimate goal is to leverage this technology to improve people’s lives globally.

Gemma is particularly thrilled about DeepMind’s sustainability work. They have already made significant strides in reducing the energy consumption of Google’s data centers, but she believes there is much more to be done to create a transformative impact in sustainability.

Gemma’s Background and DeepMind

Prior to joining DeepMind, Gemma worked at John Lewis Partnership, a UK-based department store that prioritizes societal purpose. DeepMind’s mission to advance science and benefit humanity through solving intelligence resonated deeply with her. With an academic background in experimental psychology, neuroscience, and statistics, DeepMind was the perfect fit for Gemma.

Excitement Surrounding the AI Summit

The AI Summit is Gemma’s first in-person conference in almost three years, and she is eager to meet industry professionals and learn about the innovative work taking place in other organizations.

Specifically, Gemma is looking forward to attending talks from the quantum computing track, which has the potential to revolutionize computing power and unlock new applications for AI.

Being involved in deep learning methods, Gemma finds it fascinating to explore various use cases and discover the future of deep learning. Currently, training deep learning models requires substantial amounts of data, time, and computing resources. Gemma is eager to explore what direction the field will take and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Gemma’s Research Presentation: Image Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks

During the AI Summit, Gemma presented DeepMind’s recently published research on vision language models (VLMs) titled “Image Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks.” Her presentation highlighted the integration of large language models (LLMs) with powerful visual representations to advance image recognition techniques.

This breakthrough research holds immense potential for real-world applications. In the future, VLMs could assist with classroom learning, support individuals with visual impairments, and transform their day-to-day lives.

Gemma’s Vision for the Future

Gemma hopes that her session at the AI Summit will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the practical implications of research breakthroughs. She emphasizes the importance of considering the next steps after a breakthrough, such as identifying global problems that can be solved and leveraging research to create purposeful products and services.

With a bright future ahead, Gemma is excited about the possibilities of applying groundbreaking research to benefit millions of people worldwide.

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