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Unlocking In-Context Learning in Vision-Language Tasks with Prompt Diffusion

Unlocking In-Context Learning in Vision-Language Tasks with Prompt Diffusion

State-of-the-art large language models (LLMs), such as BERT, GPT-2, and GPT-3, have been developed due to recent advancements in machine learning, specifically in natural language processing (NLP). These models have been used for various tasks, including text production, translation, sentiment analysis, and question answering. One notable feature of these LLMs is their ability to learn from context, also known as in-context learning.

In-context learning allows LLMs like GPT-3 to complete tasks without optimizing any model parameters. By conditioning on input-output samples and new queries, they can generate accurate results. While in-context learning has been extensively studied in NLP, its application in computer vision is limited. There are two main challenges in demonstrating the effectiveness of in-context learning in computer vision: creating effective vision prompts and training big models for specialized tasks.

To address these challenges, researchers from Microsoft and UT Austin introduce a novel model architecture called Prompt Diffusion. This architecture combines in-context learning and a well-designed vision prompt to handle various vision-language tasks. Prompt Diffusion utilizes Stable Diffusion and ControlNet designs to process the vision-language prompt and generate output images. By learning across multiple tasks, Prompt Diffusion gains the ability to generalize to new, unseen tasks.

Empirical results show that Prompt Diffusion performs well on both familiar and novel tasks related to in-context learning. This research provides a cutting-edge design for vision-language prompts and introduces the first diffusion-based adaptable vision-language model capable of in-context learning. The Pytorch code implementation can be found on GitHub.

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