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Unlocking AI Potential: Introducing The Assistants API

Unlocking AI Potential: Introducing The Assistants API

Introducing OpenAI’s Assistants API: A Key Resource for Building AI Apps

OpenAI has just launched the Assistants API, a tool for developers to create AI-assisted experiences within their own apps. This API is a big deal because it gives developers access to special AI capabilities like Code Interpreter and Retrieval, as well as function calling. This takes the heavy lifting off developers and allows them to build better AI apps.

The Assistants API is super flexible and can be used for a variety of apps, like a natural language data analysis tool or a voice-controlled DJ. It’s built on the same tech as OpenAI’s GPTs, which means it has custom instructions and tools.

One of the cool things about the Assistants API is that it introduces persistent and infinitely long threads. This allows developers to hand off thread state management to OpenAI.

The API also lets assistants call new tools as needed, including Code Interpreter, Retrieval, and function calling. This means assistants can write and run Python code, access knowledge outside of their models, and invoke functions you define.

As with the rest of the OpenAI platform, data and files passed to the API are never used to train their models, and developers can delete the data when they want.

You can try out the Assistants API beta without writing any code by heading to the Assistants playground.

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