Home AI News Unlock the Power of Excel: AI Tools that Simplify Complex Formulas

Unlock the Power of Excel: AI Tools that Simplify Complex Formulas

Unlock the Power of Excel: AI Tools that Simplify Complex Formulas

AI Tools for Excel: Streamlining Workflows and Boosting Efficiency

When it comes to data analysis and insights, Excel is a go-to tool for many professionals. However, mastering complex formulas and sorting through heaps of information can be time-consuming. Thankfully, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), Excel users now have access to a range of AI tools that can simplify their workflow and provide valuable insights.

1. Botsheets: Transforming Discussions into Spreadsheets

Botsheets is an AI program that automatically converts discussions into spreadsheets. By linking a Google Sheet to customer message channels, users can instruct the AI to capture relevant information based on column headings. This eliminates the need for manual sorting through chat transcripts, making it perfect for lead creation and streamlining customer support.

2. SheetAI: Streamlining Processes and Generating New Insights

SheetAI harnesses the power of AI to streamline repetitive processes and provide new insights. With built-in functions like SHEETAI_LIST and SHEETAI_TABLE, users can express their desired outcome in one cell and receive it in another. For example, users can create a table of the top 10 healthiest veggies in terms of various nutrients. Additionally, SheetAI offers features like SHEETAI_BRAIN, which streamlines copywriting by providing instant access to relevant data.

3. Ajelix: Boosting Efficiency with Excel Formula Generation and VBA Scripts

Ajelix offers a range of AI tools, including an Excel formula generator, VBA script creation, and virtual AI aid. The formula generator simplifies the process of converting plain text into Excel formulas, while the VBA script explainer and generator help users navigate and create VBA scripts. Ajelix also provides additional services like web development and business process analytics.

4. Arcwise AI: Conversational Data Analysis with Google Sheets

Arcwise AI is an assistant app for Google Sheets that uses AI to analyze, clean, and process data in a conversational format. Users can ask questions about their data and receive suggested formulas and access to related discussions. Arcwise AI can help with tasks like normalizing addresses, summarizing answers, and reformatting date columns, saving users time and effort in data analysis.

5. Sheet+: Simplifying Spreadsheets with AI

Sheet+ is an AI-based program that simplifies spreadsheet tasks. It offers functions for building correct formulas, simplifying formulas, and debugging formulas in Google Sheets and Excel. With Sheet+, users can convert text into precise formulas and get detailed explanations of how formulas work. It’s an open-source app that improves spreadsheet abilities and gives users a technological edge.

6. PromptLoop: AI-Enabled Spreadsheet Models

PromptLoop allows users to include AI tools like GPT-3 in their spreadsheets. Users can organize, summarize, and reformat textual information stored in spreadsheets for tasks like sales analysis and SEO. It requires little to no prior experience in AI or programming, making it accessible to anyone with access to a spreadsheet.

7. Luminal: Faster Spreadsheet Importing with AI

Luminal is an AI-driven spreadsheet importer that reduces the time and effort required to import spreadsheets. It learns from user activity and improves its importing capabilities over time. Luminal is designed to work with large spreadsheets and offers features like semantic column mapping and customizable validation criteria.

8. SheetGod: Excel Formulas and Automation

SheetGod generates sophisticated Excel formulas, macros, and regular expressions from plain English, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks. It also supports Google Appscript code snippets and works with regular expressions for complex transformations. With personalized onboarding and a money-back guarantee, SheetGod has gained the trust of thousands of organizations.

9. Excel Formula Bot: Creating Custom Formulas with AI

The Excel Formula Bot uses NLP algorithms to create custom formulas in Excel and Google Sheets based on user-supplied text input. This AI-powered tool speeds up the formula creation process and eliminates ambiguity. Users can also generate VBA code using simple text prompts.


With the help of AI tools, Excel users can unlock the full potential of the software and streamline their workflows. From automating manual tasks to generating complex formulas, these tools provide valuable insights and save time and effort. Whether you’re a data analyst or a business professional, integrating AI into your Excel workflow can give you a competitive edge.

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