Home AI News Stability AI Launches Japanese StableLM Alpha, Redefining the Generative AI Landscape

Stability AI Launches Japanese StableLM Alpha, Redefining the Generative AI Landscape

Stability AI Launches Japanese StableLM Alpha, Redefining the Generative AI Landscape

The Introduction of Japanese StableLM Alpha: A Breakthrough in Generative AI

Stability AI, a leading generative AI company, has made a significant advancement in the Japanese generative AI landscape with the introduction of its first Japanese Language Model (LM), Japanese StableLM Alpha. This groundbreaking model is touted as the most advanced publicly available model for Japanese speakers. It has undergone extensive benchmark evaluation against four other Japanese LMs, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

The Impressive Features of Japanese StableLM Alpha

Japanese StableLM Alpha is a versatile and high-performing tool for various linguistic tasks. With its architecture of 7 billion parameters, it showcases Stability AI’s commitment to technological advancement. It outperforms other models in multiple categories, establishing itself as a standout in the field.

The Development Process and Collaborative Efforts

The Japanese StableLM Alpha 7B commercial iteration, which will be released under the Apache License 2.0, is the result of extensive training on a massive dataset of 750 billion tokens from both Japanese and English texts. Stability AI collaborated with the EleutherAI Polyglot project’s Japanese team and its Japanese community to create the datasets. The development process also involved the use of an extended version of EleutherAI’s GPT-NeoX software.

The Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha: A Milestone for Research

In addition to Japanese StableLM Alpha, Stability AI has also introduced the Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha 7B. This model is specifically designed for research purposes and boasts a unique ability to adhere to user instructions. It utilizes a methodical approach called Supervised Fine-tuning (SFT) using multiple open datasets.

Evaluation and Comparison with Competitors

The Japanese StableLM models underwent rigorous evaluations using EleutherAI’s Language Model Evaluation Harness. They were tested across various domains, including sentence classification, sentence pair classification, question answering, and sentence summarization. With an average score of 54.71%, the Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha 7B outperformed its competitors, showcasing its superior performance and capabilities.

SoftBank’s Recent Announcement and the Future of Japanese Language Models

SoftBank, a major player in the Japanese market, recently announced its venture into homegrown Large Language Models (LLMs) for the Japanese market. The company has allocated a substantial budget of 20 billion JPY ($140 million) for its generative AI computing platform. As the competition in the field of generative AI continues to unfold, it remains to be seen which Japanese Language Model will ultimately establish its supremacy.

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