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Simplify Python Dependency Management with UniDep: The Ultimate Solution

Simplify Python Dependency Management with UniDep: The Ultimate Solution

UniDep is a great tool for managing Python dependencies. It simplifies the management of Conda and Pip dependencies in a single file, making dependency management much easier for developers.

Unified Dependency File

UniDep introduces a unified approach to managing Conda and Pip dependencies in a single file, using requirements.yaml or pyproject.toml. This eliminates the need to maintain separate files, such as requirements.txt and environment.yaml, simplifying the entire dependency landscape.

Build System Integration

UniDep has seamless integration with Setuptools and Hatchling. This ensures automatic dependency handling during the installation process.

One-Command Installation

UniDep comes with a command that seamlessly handles Conda, Pip, and local dependencies, providing a comprehensive solution for developers seeking a hassle-free installation process.


For projects within a monorepo structure, UniDep excels in rendering multiple requirements.yaml or pyproject.toml files into a single Conda environment.yaml file.

Platform-Specific Support

UniDep acknowledges the diversity of operating systems and architectures by allowing developers to specify dependencies tailored to different platforms. This ensures a smooth experience when working across various environments.

pip-compile Integration

UniDep integrates with pip-compile, enabling the generation of fully pinned requirements.txt files from requirements.yaml or pyproject.toml files.

Integration with conda-lock

UniDep enhances the functionality of conda-lock by allowing the generation of fully pinned conda-lock.yml files from one or more requirements.yaml or pyproject.toml files.

Real-World Application

UniDep shines in monorepos with multiple dependent projects. A public example, home-assistant-streamdeck-yaml, showcases UniDep’s efficiency in handling system dependencies across different platforms.

UniDep is a powerful ally for developers seeking simplicity and efficiency in Python dependency management. Whether you prefer Conda or Pip, UniDep streamlines the process, making it an essential tool for anyone dealing with complex development environments. Try UniDep now and witness a significant boost in your development process!

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