Revolutionizing Gene Regulation: The Future of Perturb-Seq and Machine Learning

New Method Shedding Light on Gene Regulation Systems

Perturb-Seq, a new method for pooled genetic screens, allows engineers to manipulate cells to a specific state. It also helps in identifying target genes for therapeutic intervention. Recent technological advancements have augmented the efficiency, scalability, and breadth of perturb-Seq, making it a valuable tool in the study of gene and cell function.

The wide variety of biological contexts, cell types, states, and stimuli means the number of tests needed for various perturbations multiplies exponentially. Recently, machine learning models have been used to predict the results of perturbations, however, there are flaws in these models due to biases in the original experiment’s design.

To address these issues, Genentech and Stanford University researchers have introduced a new method of running perturb-seq experiments to intelligently sample the perturbation space while considering cost and time constraints.

This new approach, called ITERPERT (ITERative PERTurb-seq), combines publically available prior knowledge sources with active learning methods to supplement data evidence, particularly in the early stages when funds are tight. It has been shown to achieve accuracy levels comparable to top active learning techniques while using training data containing fewer perturbations.

This research demonstrates the potential of utilizing public sources of prior knowledge to supplement data evidence, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of perturb-seq experiments. The findings provide new insights into gene regulation systems, demonstrating the power of AI in advancing scientific research and discovery.

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