Home AI News Revolutionary App AlignProCARE: A Gamechanger in Detecting and Treating AIS

Revolutionary App AlignProCARE: A Gamechanger in Detecting and Treating AIS

Revolutionary App AlignProCARE: A Gamechanger in Detecting and Treating AIS

Introduction to AIS

AIS, short for Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, is a spinal brain problem that mainly affects young people and can greatly impact their quality of life. It causes back pain and can potentially harm the heart and lungs. It is crucial to detect AIS as early as possible, as it can worsen over time if left undetected. Doctors typically examine patients for any signs of uneven shoulders, chest or rib deformities. X-rays are also commonly used to diagnose AIS, although this method carries some risk.

Using AI to Detect AIS

Researchers are currently working on safer and more accessible ways to diagnose AIS outside of the hospital. One promising method involves using a computer program called AlignProCARE, which aims to determine the severity and progression of AIS by analyzing X-rays of the spine. The program can identify different types of spine curves and detect if the condition is worsening over time, which is known as a “progressive curve.” This information can help doctors determine if follow-up appointments are necessary.

The AlignProCARE program was trained on data from 1,780 patients, predominantly young females, and then tested on an additional 378 patients. The program showed moderate accuracy in identifying different types of spine curves. It also performed well in predicting if the spine condition was worsening over time. Additionally, the program proved to be effective in identifying patients who required further medical attention. This innovative approach could potentially reduce the reliance on X-rays for individuals with mild spine problems, benefiting those who do not have easy access to experienced spine surgeons.

The Benefits of AlignProCARE

The AlignProCARE app is a user-friendly and affordable tool that can quickly and automatically analyze spine problems such as AIS. Patients using this app are exposed to minimal radiation, making it a safer alternative to traditional diagnostic methods. This tool is extremely valuable for doctors as it can be implemented immediately to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of AIS. Researchers are continuing to refine and develop more advanced tools that will further enhance doctors’ ability to diagnose and manage this condition.

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