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Restoring the Enchantment of Search: Introducing the Metaphor API

Restoring the Enchantment of Search: Introducing the Metaphor API

The Importance of AI-Powered Search

In the early days of the internet, finding information was easy. But as competition for users’ attention grew, Google search results became less reliable. The team at Metaphor believes that this decline in search quality is a result of websites prioritizing ranking higher in Google search results, rather than providing the best content.

To restore the enchantment of search, the Metaphor team started using advanced language models like GPT3. They received startup investment, purchased a GPU cluster, and set out to enhance search. Their goal was to create a search experience that feels like being guided through the sum of all human knowledge.

Introducing the Metaphor API

The Metaphor team developed the Metaphor API, a unified interface for integrating large language models (LLM) with the web. With just a few lines of code, users can perform keyword or metaphor searches and receive instantly parsed HTML without the need for web scraping.

Improved Search Results

Metaphor goes beyond traditional search engines by using a transformer-based model to predict the most relevant links for a query. The results are tailored to the user’s specific inquiry and sorted by quality and relevance. For example, if you search for “AI podcasts,” Metaphor will return actual podcasts organized by quality, rather than just a list of articles about AI podcasts.

Key Features of Metaphor

– Metaphor employs a transformer-based architecture for link prediction, allowing for searches with the full expressive power of ordinary language.
– It returns rich, parsed HTML for any webpage, eliminating the need for web scraping.
– Users can refine their search by time frame and domain using available criteria.
– Metaphor is easy to use and comes with Python and Node SDKs for implementation.
– Content from any page in the index can be instantly retrieved.
– More results are returned, and the LLM can sort through them.
– The cost of using Metaphor is significantly lower than the Bing API.
– The first one thousand queries per month using Metaphor are free forever.


Metaphor offers a new approach to finding information online, providing more tailored and useful results. Its powerful features and accessibility make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking a better search experience. Try it out on the Metaphor Platform and visit their blog and reference article for more information.

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