“really smart” and “helpful” ways, even though it doesn’t have feelings or understand things like humans do. It’s like having a friend who can remember everything you say and use that information to have a conversation with you.

Transforms the way the story is told. It breaks down the story into small pieces called words or sentences and looks for patterns in how these pieces relate to each other. It then uses these patterns to predict what should come next in the story, just like guessing what the next word might be.

The transformer neural network is like a super smart friend who has read lots of stories and learned how words and sentences are connected. It can generate new sentences that make sense based on the patterns it has learned.

So, when you ask a question or give the transformer neural network some input, it uses its knowledge of patterns in language to give you a response that fits well with what you said. It’s like having a friend who can come up with clever and insightful answers to your questions based on what they’ve learned from reading many stories.

But remember, even though it can give good answers, it doesn’t really understand the words or have feelings like you do. It’s just really good at recognizing patterns and using them to come up with responses.

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