Protecting Democracy: Safeguarding AI for Election Integrity and Beyond

Ensuring AI Safety in Elections

OpenAI is committed to safeguarding the integrity of elections by ensuring that its AI technology is not used to undermine the democratic process. The company’s tools are designed to empower individuals, improve daily lives, and address complex challenges.

AI Applications in State Services and Healthcare

OpenAI’s AI technology has been utilized to enhance state services and simplify medical forms for patients, demonstrating the potential for AI to contribute to public welfare.

Commitment to AI Safety

OpenAI is dedicated to ensuring that its AI systems are built, deployed, and used safely. The company acknowledges the benefits and challenges associated with AI, and is constantly evolving its approach to address potential risks and enhance safety measures.

With the 2024 elections approaching, OpenAI is focusing on platform safety efforts to promote accurate voting information, enforce measured policies, and enhance transparency. The company has assembled a cross-functional team dedicated to election work, drawing expertise from safety systems, threat intelligence, legal, engineering, and policy teams to address potential abuses.

OpenAI is investing in key initiatives to prepare for the upcoming elections, underscoring its commitment to AI safety and the integrity of democratic processes.

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