Home AI News Opening Doors to Limitless Learning: Introducing Open X-Embodiment Dataset & RT-1-X Model

Opening Doors to Limitless Learning: Introducing Open X-Embodiment Dataset & RT-1-X Model

Opening Doors to Limitless Learning: Introducing Open X-Embodiment Dataset & RT-1-X Model

Introducing our New Resources for General-Purpose Robotics Learning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest set of resources aimed at enhancing general-purpose robotics learning. Whether you’re working with different robot types or various embodiments, our Open X-Embodiment dataset and the innovative robotics transformer model, RT-1-X, will revolutionize your experience.

Open X-Embodiment Dataset: A Collaborative Approach

In collaboration with a distinguished team of partners from 34 esteemed academic labs, we have combined our efforts to create the Open X-Embodiment dataset. This dataset is a result of pooling data from an impressive array of 22 diverse robot types. By bringing together this extensive collection of data, we have created a comprehensive resource that covers a wide range of robotics learning scenarios.

RT-1-X: Unlocking the Potential of Skills Transfer

Along with our Open X-Embodiment dataset, we are excited to introduce the RT-1-X robotics transformer model. Developed from the successful RT-1, this model has been specifically trained on our dataset. What makes RT-1-X truly remarkable is its ability to transfer skills across various robot embodiments. By leveraging the rich and varied data from our dataset, RT-1-X empowers robots to acquire new skills and adapt them to different embodiments.

Enhance Your Robotics Learning Experience

Our resources are designed to make robotics learning accessible, versatile, and efficient. With the Open X-Embodiment dataset, you have access to a wealth of real-world data that spans a wide range of robot types. This diversity enables you to explore robotics concepts and applications across various embodiments, gaining valuable insights and expanding your skills.

The RT-1-X robotics transformer model takes your learning experience to the next level. With its skill transfer capabilities, it allows robots to quickly and effectively acquire new skills across different robot types. This opens up endless possibilities for innovation and problem-solving within the field of robotics.


We are proud to launch our latest resources for general-purpose robotics learning. The Open X-Embodiment dataset and the RT-1-X robotics transformer model provide unparalleled opportunities to explore and develop robotics skills across different robot types and embodiments. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our resources will empower you to take your robotics learning to new heights. Embrace the future of robotics and experience the transformative power of our innovative tools.

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