MuJoCo: Revolutionizing Robotics Research with Open-Source Collaboration

DeepMind recently acquired the MuJoCo physics simulator, making it open-source and available to all. This move aims to support research in the robotics field and ensure that MuJoCo remains one of the best simulators.

Why MuJoCo is Great for Collaboration
MuJoCo is now open-source and offers a platform for collaboration, unlike other closed-source or small-scale simulators. This means that robot enthusiasts and engineers can work together to develop this simulator further.

Key Features of MuJoCo
MuJoCo stands out due to its full array of features: it can model complex mechanisms, it has readable, efficient, portable code, and it is easily expandable. It also has detailed documentation, making it ideal for collaborative development.

Performance and Roadmap
MuJoCo is extremely fast due to being a C library. However, its Python wrappers have slowed down batched, multi-threaded operations. DeepMind’s future plans include unlocking MuJoCo’s speed potential, supporting larger scenes, creating a new incremental compiler, integrating with Unity, and supporting physics derivatives.

Learn More
To learn more about MuJoCo and its resources, visit their website. DeepMind welcomes contributions from the community to improve MuJoCo even further.

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