Microsoft’s Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in OpenAI: Advancing Safe and Powerful AI Together

Microsoft’s multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI is a significant milestone in our mission to develop advanced AI for the benefit of humanity. This partnership allows us to continue our independent research and create AI that is safe, useful, and powerful.

As a capped-profit company governed by the OpenAI non-profit, we can raise the necessary capital without compromising our principles of sharing benefits and prioritizing safety. Microsoft shares our vision and values, making this partnership essential to our progress.

One key aspect of our collaboration is the development of supercomputing systems powered by Azure. These systems, designed with Azure’s unique architecture, play a crucial role in training our AI models, delivering exceptional performance and scalability. Microsoft is increasing its investment in these systems, ensuring their continued support for all OpenAI research, API, and product workloads.

Another crucial element is incorporating real-world use cases and lessons learned to create safe and useful AI systems. By partnering with Microsoft, we can deploy our technology through the Azure OpenAI Service and API, enabling developers and enterprises to leverage powerful models like GPT, DALLĀ·E, and Codex. We have also integrated OpenAI’s technology into popular apps such as GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Designer.

To ensure the safety of AI systems, our teams collaborate regularly to review and synthesize shared lessons. These insights inform updates to our systems, drive future research, and establish best practices for the industry’s use of powerful AI.

We are excited about the ongoing collaboration with Microsoft and the progress we will achieve together in advancing AI technology.

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