Home AI Tools Introducing the Eyelevel.ai Earnings Multiplier: Boost Your Chatbot Earnings and Get Rewarded!

Introducing the Eyelevel.ai Earnings Multiplier: Boost Your Chatbot Earnings and Get Rewarded!

Introducing the Eyelevel.ai Earnings Multiplier: Boost Your Chatbot Earnings and Get Rewarded!

Introducing EyeLevel for Publishers: Make Money from Home with Chatbots!

We are thrilled to announce a major improvement to our platform, EyeLevel.ai. Are you ready for it? EyeLevel for Publishers is here to make earning income from chatbots even simpler!

For the past two years, our mission has been to help chatbot creators and operators monetize their incredible chatbot creations. We have collaborated with top-tier media companies and passionate chatbot enthusiasts alike. Our goal is to provide four key benefits to everyone involved:

1. Make it incredibly easy to earn money from chatbots.
2. Make it lucrative.
3. Ensure the end-users love it.
4. Keep installation, measurement, and modification simple.

Currently, we partner with thousands of bot makers and have grown our network to over 1,900 publishers. These publishers utilize our platform to monetize their chatbots and interactions with their audiences.

Throughout this journey, we have encountered exceptional chatbots and publishers as well as subpar ones. We wanted to reward the best bot makers and publishers in our network for their hard work and outstanding chatbots. By doing so, we hope they will continue their great work and spread the word to others, contributing to the growth of our ecosystem.

Introducing the EyeLevel for Publishers Earnings Multiplier!

Our latest enhancement, the Earnings Multiplier, is simple yet powerful. We apply a multiplier to your overall earnings each time a user clicks on ads in your bot. For instance, if we pay out $0.75 per click from a USA user and they click on the ad 10 times, you will earn $7.50. With a multiplier of 2, your earnings will double to $15.00!

Every Earnings Multiplier starts at 1x by default, but as you optimize your chatbot and generate value for advertisers, your multiplier will increase, allowing you to earn more money.

You may be wondering, “How can I obtain a high multiplier?” and “What determines my multiplier?”

We consider several factors when calculating your Earnings Multiplier, including:

1. The engagement and growth of your chatbot audience.
2. Your understanding and appreciation of our service and the value advertisers receive.
3. The correct implementation of our integrations and consistent use of required attributes.
4. Adherence to our terms of service and partner platform guidelines.
5. Innovative ways of showcasing our promotional content to generate unique clicks and engagements.
6. Proper targeting of campaigns to specific regions, rather than displaying ads to irrelevant users.
7. Effective utilization of features such as Campaign Transparency to deploy multiple agents in one chatbot.
8. Maintaining a high level of integrity and avoiding any fraudulent activities with our platform.

Please refer to our documentation page for more information on avoiding platform abuse.

As we continue developing our platform, we will share additional strategies and behaviors that can help you increase your Earnings Multiplier.

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