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Introducing Custom Instructions for Tailored ChatGPT Responses

Introducing Custom Instructions for Tailored ChatGPT Responses

Introducing Custom Instructions: Tailor ChatGPT to Your Needs

Custom instructions are now available on ChatGPT! This new feature, currently in beta for Plus plan users, will soon be accessible to all ChatGPT users. With custom instructions, you can personalize ChatGPT’s responses to better align with your preferences and requirements.

Your valuable feedback about the inconvenience of starting each ChatGPT conversation from scratch has led us to develop this feature. By engaging with users from 22 different countries, we have gained insights into the importance of steerability. We understand that it is crucial for our models to adapt effectively to diverse contexts and meet the unique needs of each individual.

With custom instructions, ChatGPT will take into account your preferences and requirements in every conversation going forward. This means you no longer have to repeat your instructions or provide the same information repeatedly.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to illustrate how custom instructions can make your experience even better. Imagine a teacher who is creating a lesson plan. Now, they don’t have to mention multiple times that they are teaching 3rd-grade science. Once they state it, ChatGPT will consider this information for all future interactions. Similarly, a developer who prefers a code language other than Python can express their preference just once, and ChatGPT will comprehend it. Lastly, when going grocery shopping for a big family, ChatGPT can account for the quantity needed by considering that you require servings for six people.

We believe that custom instructions will greatly enhance your ChatGPT experience by tailoring the model to your specific needs. Feel free to explore this new feature and let us know your thoughts as we continue to refine and improve ChatGPT.

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