HyperDreamBooth: Fast and Efficient Personalization of Text-to-Image Models for Face Generation

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic recently, especially in the field of text-to-image personalization. This innovative technology allows for the generation of unique individuals in different styles and contexts while still maintaining their identities. Face personalization, for example, can now create variously styled images of a specific person using pre-trained diffusion models.

However, existing approaches like DreamBooth have limitations. They require large models and take a long time to train. To address these issues, Google Research has developed HyperDreamBooth, a hypernetwork that can generate personalized weights for a person using just a single image. These weights are then combined with the diffusion model, resulting in a powerful system that can generate a person’s face in different situations while maintaining important details.

The speed of HyperDreamBooth is impressive, being 25 times faster than DreamBooth and 125 times faster than Textual Inversion, another similar technology. Despite its speed, HyperDreamBooth maintains the same level of quality and aesthetic variation as DreamBooth. Additionally, the personalized model produced by HyperDreamBooth is 10,000 times smaller than a regular DreamBooth model, making it easier to manage and reducing storage requirements.

The team behind this development has made several notable contributions. They have introduced Lightweight DreamBooth (LiDB), a personalized text-to-image model that is much smaller in size. They have also created a new HyperNetwork architecture that generates customized weights for specific subjects in a text-to-image diffusion model. Finally, they have proposed a technique called rank-relaxed finetuning, which improves subject fidelity during optimization.

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About the author: Tanya Malhotra is a final year undergraduate student pursuing a BTech in Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She has a strong interest in data science and is skilled in analytical and critical thinking, as well as leadership and organization.

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