Home AI News Google Showcases Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Research at ICML 2023

Google Showcases Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Research at ICML 2023

Google Showcases Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Research at ICML 2023

Groups within Google are actively engaged in machine learning (ML) research, working on various aspects of ML such as language, music, visual processing, algorithms, and more. Google is dedicated to fostering collaboration within the ML research community by open-sourcing tools and datasets, publishing their work, and participating in conferences. As a Diamond Sponsor of the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023), Google is proud to have a strong presence at the event. They have over 120 accepted papers and are involved in workshops and tutorials. Google is also a Platinum Sponsor for the LatinX in AI and Women in Machine Learning workshops.

For those attending ICML 2023, Google encourages you to visit their booth to learn about their innovative work in overcoming the field’s challenges. They also have exciting activities, demos, and Q&A sessions planned, which you can find out about through the @GoogleAI Twitter account. Additionally, Google DeepMind has shared their technical participation in ICML 2023 on their blog.

Google has an extensive list of research projects being presented at ICML 2023, covering a wide range of topics. Some notable ones include scaling vision transformers, fast inference from transformers, policy optimization, machine learning in context, language models, and more. Each project involves talented researchers and showcases Google’s commitment to advancing ML technology.

In conclusion, Google’s involvement in ICML 2023 demonstrates their dedication to ML research and their desire to collaborate with the wider ML community. Their presence at the conference and the research they present highlight their ongoing efforts to tackle complex challenges and push the boundaries of AI technology.

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