Home AI News Google Cloud Reinforces Commitment to Customers with Generative AI Indemnification

Google Cloud Reinforces Commitment to Customers with Generative AI Indemnification

Google Cloud Reinforces Commitment to Customers with Generative AI Indemnification

Google Cloud is dedicated to its customers’ interests and is committed to innovation, support, and security. Choosing to partner with Google Cloud means embarking on a collaborative journey that prioritizes the latest technology while ensuring safety and security, especially in the realm of generative AI.

Earlier this year, Google Cloud integrated Duet AI, an always-on AI collaborator, across its suite of products. This integration, coupled with advancements to Vertex AI, allows customers to experiment and construct with generative AI foundation models in a safe and responsible manner. The results have been remarkable, with innovative use cases emerging from various industries.

One important aspect addressed by Google Cloud is intellectual property indemnity in the context of generative AI. Google Cloud recognizes the legal risks that customers may face, particularly in cases involving copyright challenges. To address this, Google Cloud has developed a two-pronged approach that sets a new industry standard. This approach aims to provide customers with a greater sense of security and confidence when using generative AI products.

The first prong focuses on Google’s use of training data. This indemnity extends to all services, including generative AI offerings, and serves as a third-party intellectual property indemnity standard for all customers. It ensures that Google stands behind its services and protects customers from allegations that its utilization of training data infringes upon a third party’s intellectual property rights.

The second prong provides protection for the generated output created by customers in response to prompts or inputs they provide to Google’s services. This indemnity extends to allegations of intellectual property rights infringement related to the generated output. It covers a range of Google Cloud services, including Duet AI in Workspace and Vertex AI Search. Customers can be confident that Google will support them in the event of third-party IP claims, including copyright issues, as long as responsible AI practices are followed.

These dual indemnities offer robust protection for Google Cloud customers, safeguarding against potential claims such as copyright infringement. By introducing these comprehensive measures, Google Cloud aims to provide a balanced and practical solution for potential claims, benefiting customers without the need for any agreement amendments.

This is just the beginning of Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting customers in their journey into the world of generative AI. With these safeguards in place, businesses can confidently harness the power of generative AI, knowing that Google Cloud has their back.

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(Note: This article has been written by Niharika, a Technical consulting intern at Marktechpost. She is a highly enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in Machine learning, Data science, and AI.)

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