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Generative Models as Representation Learners in Self-Supervised Vision Learning

Generative Models as Representation Learners in Self-Supervised Vision Learning

Self-supervised representation learning is an effective method for developing vision skills. It involves using large unlabeled datasets as additional training data to improve network performance and reduce the need for labeled datasets. Recent studies have shown that self-supervised pre-training on ImageNet can outperform supervised pre-training on various tasks such as semantic and instance segmentation.

One popular approach for self-supervised representation learning is contrastive learning, where the network is trained to map different views of an image closer together in latent space. Spatial losses and fewer negative instances can enhance this approach. Another area of research focuses on reconstruction losses, where certain regions of an input image are masked and the backbone is trained to reconstruct those parts.

Generative models also play a role in representation learning. For example, StyleGAN and diffusion models can be combined with task-dependent heads to generate labeled data for training subsequent networks. DreamTeacher is a new framework that uses generative models to pre-train downstream perception models through feature and label distillation processes. CNN-based backbones are mainly used because they have proven to be effective in representation learning and are commonly used in generative models.

DreamTeacher outperforms other self-supervised learning systems on various benchmarks and tasks, even surpassing methods pre-trained on labeled ImageNet data. It achieves state-of-the-art performance on object-focused datasets with unlabeled images. These results highlight the potential of generative models, particularly diffusion-based models, for efficient representation learning.

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