Home AI News Exciting Cybersecurity Grant Opportunity Supported by OpenAI

Exciting Cybersecurity Grant Opportunity Supported by OpenAI

Exciting Cybersecurity Grant Opportunity Supported by OpenAI

A Call for Proposals: Join Us in Enhancing Defensive Cybersecurity Technologies

If you believe in a secure and innovative future powered by AI, we invite you to share your proposals and be a part of our mission. OpenAI is seeking applications for funding and support to further develop defensive cybersecurity technologies.

Enhancing Defensive Cybersecurity

At OpenAI, we are committed to enhancing defensive cybersecurity through practical applications of AI. We are particularly interested in tools, methods, and processes that strengthen cybersecurity defenses. To support this, we have set up a funding program with a budget of $1M USD, granting increments of $10,000 USD in the form of API credits, direct funding, or equivalent support.

Focus on Defensive Cybersecurity

Note that we will not consider funding projects related to offensive-security at this time. Our primary focus is on initiatives that contribute to defensive cybersecurity.

Prioritizing Public Benefit

We strongly believe in maximizing public benefit and sharing knowledge. Therefore, we prioritize proposals that have a clear plan for licensing or distributing their results for public use.

To submit your proposal and join us in our mission to enhance defensive cybersecurity technologies, please visit this link.

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