Home AI News Evol-Instruct: Revolutionizing Language Models with AI-Evolved Instruction Data

Evol-Instruct: Revolutionizing Language Models with AI-Evolved Instruction Data

Evol-Instruct: Revolutionizing Language Models with AI-Evolved Instruction Data

Title: Evol-Instruct: Revolutionizing AI Language Models with Instruction Evolution

Training large language models (LLMs) on open-domain instruction-following data yields impressive results. However, manually creating this type of instructional data is time-consuming and challenging. To address this issue, researchers from Microsoft and Peking University have developed Evol-Instruct, a groundbreaking method that leverages LLMs to generate vast amounts of instruction data of varying complexity. This data is then used to train and fine-tune LLMs in the open domain.

The Evol-Instruct Pipeline:
Evol-Instruct consists of three stages: building high-quality training datasets, evolving instructions, and eliminating bad instructions. The researchers use Kili Technology to create the initial training datasets and solve natural language processing machine learning challenges to develop powerful ML applications.

Instruction Evolution:
Evol-Instruct employs two methods of instruction evolution: In-depth Evolving and In-breadth Evolving. In-depth Evolving involves adding constraints, deepening, concretizing, increasing reasoning steps, and complicating input to generate more complex instructions. In-breadth Evolving creates new instructions based on existing instructions. The final stage, Elimination Evolving, acts as a filter to remove poor-quality instructions.

Evaluation and Results:
The researchers used Evol-Instruct to generate instructions of varying complexity and combined them to fine-tune their WizardLM model. WizardLM was then compared to industry-standard tools like ChatGPT, Alpaca, and Vicuna. The findings revealed that Evol-Instruct’s instructions outperformed human-developed instructions and that WizardLM performed better than Vicuna when using the same amount of Evol-Instruct data.

Enhancing Language Models:
WizardLM demonstrated superior performance in handling difficult test instructions compared to ChatGPT. Although ChatGPT had a higher overall victory rate, WizardLM outperformed ChatGPT in handling high-difficulty instructions. This suggests that Evol-Instruct significantly enhances the capability of large language models to handle complex instructions.

The use of AI-evolved instructions through Evol-Instruct has the potential to strengthen big language models. While WizardLM is still behind ChatGPT in some aspects, it shows promising results in handling complex instructions. The researchers have made the source code and output data available for further exploration.

About the Author:
Dhanshree Shenwai is a Computer Science Engineer with a keen interest in the application of AI technologies. With experience in FinTech companies, she explores the latest advancements in the AI field and how they can simplify people’s lives.

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