Enhancing Machine Translation Evaluation with Behavioral Testing Using Large Language Models

Behavioral Testing in NLP for Machine Translation

Behavioral testing in natural language processing (NLP) is essential for evaluating the linguistic capabilities of systems. However, current testing methods for Machine Translation (MT) are limited to manual tests covering only certain capabilities and languages. To address this challenge, researchers propose using Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate a diverse set of source sentences, tailored to challenge MT models in various situations.

Using Large Language Models for Behavioral Testing

The new approach aims to make behavioral testing of MT systems practical and requires minimal human effort. In the experiments, the proposed evaluation framework is applied to assess multiple MT systems. The results show that while pass rates generally align with traditional accuracy-based metrics, the new method uncovered important differences and potential bugs unnoticed by traditional methods. This new approach can help improve the reliability and accuracy of MT systems.

Practical Solutions for NLP Behavioral Testing

By leveraging the power of LLMs, researchers can ensure that MT systems exhibit the expected behavior in various situations. This approach can also reveal important insights that traditional testing methods might miss, ultimately improving the overall quality and effectiveness of MT systems.

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