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Eedi: Using AI to Personalize Math Tutoring and Overcome Student Misconceptions


#### Helping Students Succeed in Math with AI-Powered Tutoring

In Chorley, United Kingdom, 14-year-old Eithne was struggling with math after COVID-19 disruptions. Her parents enrolled her in Eedi’s online math tutoring program. Eedi’s dynamic quiz uses AI to identify students’ math struggles and tailor their learning pathways accordingly. Developed by Microsoft researchers, the AI predicts the probability of correct answers for thousands of questions to pinpoint knowledge gaps.

The success of Eedi’s AI model relies on high-quality diagnostic questions that reveal student misconceptions. Craig Barton, Eedi co-founder, stresses the importance of clear, unambiguous questions with well-formulated wrong answers. For example, instead of asking which number is a multiple of 6, it’s better to ask which number is a multiple of 15.

Barton wrote about 50 diagnostic questions, which proved successful when tested on his students. He collaborated with Simon Woodhead to build an online database. This caught the attention of Iris Hulls, who was looking for ways to make math tutoring accessible to more families. This led to the creation of Eedi.

Eedi’s success and the effectiveness of Microsoft’s AI algorithm in healthcare scenarios made the collaboration a natural fit. The algorithm helps doctors make efficient decisions for patient diagnoses. The next-best-question algorithm gathers, analyzes, and uses personal information to accelerate decision-making.

With Eedi and AI-powered tutoring, students like Eithne gain confidence, identify weaknesses, and improve their math skills. By combining the power of AI with well-formulated diagnostic questions, Eedi is transforming math education for students worldwide.

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