Home AI News DORSal: Combining Generative AI and 3D Scene Understanding for Novel View Synthesis

DORSal: Combining Generative AI and 3D Scene Understanding for Novel View Synthesis

DORSal: Combining Generative AI and 3D Scene Understanding for Novel View Synthesis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing with the introduction of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Models like GPT, BERT, and PaLM are transforming the interaction between humans and computers. Researchers have also been exploring diffusion models and 3D scene understanding, which allow for the generation of new perspectives in 3D scenes.

A team of researchers from UC Berkeley, Google Research, and Google DeepMind has developed DORSal (Diffusion for Object-centric Representations of Scenes et al.), which combines diffusion models and 3D scene representation learning. DORSal is a geometry-free approach that learns the structure of 3D scenes from data, without the need for expensive volume rendering.

DORSal utilizes a video diffusion architecture originally designed for picture synthesis to create 3D scenes. By using object-centric representations of scenes, DORSal can generate high-quality perspectives and enable object-level scene editing. Users can manipulate specific objects within the scene.

The key contributions of DORSal are as follows:

1. DORSal improves the quality of rendered views by combining diffusion models and object-centric scene representations.

2. DORSal outperforms previous methods in 3D scene understanding, with a significant improvement in Fr├ęchet Inception Distance (FID).

3. DORSal performs better than previous work on 3D Diffusion Models when handling complex scenes, as demonstrated by evaluating real-world Street View data.

4. DORSal can condition the diffusion model on a structured, object-based scene representation, allowing for basic object-level scene editing during inference.

In conclusion, DORSal has shown its effectiveness in generating novel views of 3D scenes and enabling object-level editing. The improved rendering quality and scalability make it a promising approach for the future of 3D scene understanding.

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