DeepMind Revealed: Intern Turned Intern Manager Shares Insider Tips and Advice

Life at DeepMind: A Path to Internship and Beyond

Many people dream of working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). For Richard Everett, former intern and current intern manager at DeepMind, this dream became a reality. With the 2023 internship application opening soon, here’s an inside look at life at DeepMind and how aspiring interns can prepare for the experience.

Path to DeepMind

Like many others, Richard’s fascination with the interactions between human players and intelligent computer-controlled players in video games led him to a career in AI. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in computer science, Richard pursued his research interests, eventually leading him to apply for an internship at DeepMind, where he is now continuing his work in AI.

Internship Interview Process

The internship interview process has evolved, with today’s interns facing a thorough yet rewarding experience. Richard shared that his recruiters provided valuable guidance and resources to help him prepare for the interviews, and he was able to connect with researchers working on projects he was passionate about.

Joining the Team at DeepMind

Upon joining DeepMind as a full-time employee, Richard found that the abundance of projects and the brilliant minds around him were both thrilling and overwhelming. Wanting to support others going through similar experiences, Richard became involved in coordinating and managing the internship program and now mentors and guides new interns.

Internship Projects

The range of projects that interns have worked on at DeepMind is incredibly diverse. From developing multi-agent environments to applying game theory to language models and online learning, interns are given the freedom to pursue projects they are passionate about.

Culture at DeepMind and Richard’s Team

Kindness and collaboration are at the core of the culture at DeepMind. Richard emphasized the supportive nature of the team and the willingness to collaborate across different roles, teams, and even offices.

Tips for Aspiring DeepMind Interns

For students looking to start a career in AI, Richard recommends taking advantage of the resources available to learn about the industry and DeepMind. Additionally, he encourages aspiring interns to consider applying for an internship, regardless of their background or experience, as the opportunities at DeepMind are diverse and open to a variety of candidates.


With valuable experience as both an intern and intern manager at DeepMind, Richard Everett has seen firsthand the incredible potential for growth and learning at the company. For those looking to dive into the world of AI and join a collaborative and driven team, an internship at DeepMind could be the perfect opportunity to kickstart their career. Visit to learn more about the 2023 internship applications.

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