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DeepMind Partners with UK Charities to Boost STEM Education Through AI Resources

DeepMind Partners with UK Charities to Boost STEM Education Through AI Resources

DeepMind is collaborating with six education charities and social enterprises in the UK to develop a customized education program that aims to address the gaps in STEM education. The program will provide funding, volunteering opportunities, and new AI resources to boost existing STEM initiatives.

Access to STEM education remains a challenge for many young people in the UK, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Research highlights that around 38% of schools in the UK do not offer GCSE computer science, and some schools in disadvantaged areas do not offer triple science subjects such as physics, biology, and chemistry. These limitations not only contribute to the existing achievement gap but also hinder students’ chances of pursuing careers in STEM fields, including AI.

One key aspect of the program involves collaborating with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity that promotes computing and digital technology education. Together, DeepMind and the Raspberry Pi Foundation will develop AI-focused resources, including lesson plans for students and training for teachers. These resources will be designed to be culturally relevant and accessible to all students aged 11-14, helping them understand AI and its future role. A team of over 20 DeepMind volunteers will work closely with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to ensure the resources are up-to-date and aligned with emerging AI trends. Once completed, the resources will be freely available to all schools in the UK.

DeepMind will also provide funding and volunteering support to five other organizations to amplify the reach of their existing programs. By incorporating new AI content into these initiatives, the program aims to benefit over 100,000 young people across 500 schools, with a particular focus on state schools and underrepresented groups.

DeepMind acknowledges the importance of inclusive education in building a diverse and impactful AI community. To this end, the company has launched various university and postgraduate initiatives, such as the DeepMind Scholarship Program and the DeepMind Academic Fellowship. Now, through these partnerships, DeepMind aims to extend its reach to younger students.

It is important to note that addressing long-standing structural imbalances in AI involves more than just accessibility and inclusion in early education. However, DeepMind hopes that this program will inspire and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers, particularly those who may have never considered such careers before.

To learn more about DeepMind’s education programs, visit their partner organizations and their website. If you are interested in the new AI resources or want to participate in piloting the materials, register your interest with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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