Home AI News DeepMind and Google Research Unite to Accelerate AI Development Safely and Responsibly

DeepMind and Google Research Unite to Accelerate AI Development Safely and Responsibly

DeepMind and Google Research Unite to Accelerate AI Development Safely and Responsibly

Accelerating Progress in AI: DeepMind and Google Join Forces

DeepMind and the Brain team from Google Research are merging to form a new unit called Google DeepMind. This exciting collaboration aims to accelerate the development of AI technologies and solve the world’s most significant challenges. Led by DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, this unit will work closely with Google Product Areas to deliver AI research and products that improve billions of lives, transform industries, and advance scientific discoveries.

From Science Fiction to Reality: The Rise of AI

In 2010, DeepMind was launched amid skepticism about the feasibility of general AI. Fast forward to today, and AI research and technology are progressing at an unprecedented rate. In the coming years, AI, and ultimately AGI (artificial general intelligence), have the potential to drive remarkable social, economic, and scientific transformations.

Why Merge DeepMind and Google Brain?

The merger of DeepMind and Google Brain as Google DeepMind will expedite the journey towards a future where AI plays a vital role. This new unit brings together exceptional AI talent with Google’s vast computing power, infrastructure, and resources. By fostering collaboration and simplifying decision-making processes, this merger seeks to overcome complex scientific and engineering challenges while maintaining a responsible approach.

Google DeepMind: Pioneering the Next Generation

Building on the groundbreaking work of the Brain and DeepMind teams, Google DeepMind will pave the way for the next wave of AI breakthroughs. Their contributions, from Deep Reinforcement Learning to Transformers, have laid the foundations for the current AI industry. Now, together within this combined unit, the teams will forge ahead to create innovative products and advancements that shape the world.

Leadership and Collaboration

Demis Hassabis will lead Google DeepMind, with Eli Collins joining as VP of Product and Zoubin Ghahramani as part of the research leadership team reporting to Koray Kavukcuoglu. A new Scientific Board for Google DeepMind, overseen by Koray, will guide research progress and direction. The composition of this board will be finalized in the near future by Jeff Dean, Koray, Zoubin, Shane, and Demis.

Looking Ahead and Fostering Clarity

The new unit, Google DeepMind, promises exciting potential for employees and teams alike. While questions are expected, Demis Hassabis assures that efforts will be made to provide clarity promptly. Employees are encouraged to read the note from Sundar, Google’s CEO, and to attend the town hall meeting to stay informed.

Embarking on this remarkable journey, Demis Hassabis expresses enthusiasm and looks forward to connecting with the entire team soon.

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