Home AI News Creating Safe and Thriving AI Governance for U.S. Policymakers

Creating Safe and Thriving AI Governance for U.S. Policymakers

Creating Safe and Thriving AI Governance for U.S. Policymakers

MIT Leaders and Scholars Recommend Policy Framework for AI Governance

A committee of MIT leaders and scholars has developed a set of policy briefs providing a framework for the governance of artificial intelligence (AI) to help U.S. policymakers. The goal is to encourage exploration of the potential benefits of AI while limiting possible harm.

The main policy paper, “A Framework for U.S. AI Governance: Creating a Safe and Thriving AI Sector,” suggests regulating AI with existing U.S. government agencies already overseeing relevant domains. This would involve making AI providers define the purpose and intent of AI applications in advance to determine which regulations are relevant.

The MIT committee behind the effort recognizes the complex nature of human and machine interactions and suggests creating a new government-approved “self-regulatory organization” (SRO) agency focused on AI to help oversee the rapidly changing AI industry.

Several specific legal issues related to AI need addressing, such as copyright and other intellectual property issues and surveillance tools. The committee acknowledges AI’s capabilities that go beyond human abilities, such as surveillance or fake news at scale, requiring special legal consideration.

The set of policy papers cover a range of topics, including labeling AI-generated content and examining general-purpose language-based AI innovations. The committee’s goal is to address these complex issues by developing a concrete framework for AI governance.

MIT’s efforts in developing this AI governance framework aim to address these important issues, recognizing their expertise in the field as one of the leaders in AI research.

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