Compact NGP: The Future of Neural Graphics Primitives Compression

Neural graphics primitives, or NGPs, are creating a buzz for their ability to integrate old and new assets across various applications. Their key role is representing images, shapes, and volumetric and spatial-directional data in applications like NeRFs, generative modeling, and light caching.

NVIDIA and the University of Toronto have come up with the Compact NGP, a machine-learning framework that utilizes hash table speed and index learning efficiency. This design minimizes compression overhead, making decoding low-cost, low-power, and multi-scale and enabling bandwidth-limited environments to function smoothly.

The arithmetic combinations of Compact NGP data structures result in advanced compression versus quality trade-offs, significantly decreasing the cost of learned indexing. The speed advantages of hash tables are combined with significantly improved compression, producing results comparable to JPEG in image representation.

Compact NGP excels in NeRF compression, particularly concerning the quality and size trade-off, across both real-world and synthetic scenes. The design has been optimized for real-world applications, with the potential to be applied to streaming applications, video game texture compression, live training, and various other areas.

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