Home AI News COLDECO: Empowering Non-Programmers with Trustworthy AI-generated Code in Spreadsheets

COLDECO: Empowering Non-Programmers with Trustworthy AI-generated Code in Spreadsheets

COLDECO: Empowering Non-Programmers with Trustworthy AI-generated Code in Spreadsheets

COLDECO: An End User Spreadsheet Inspection Tool for AI-Generated Code

Researchers from UCSD and Microsoft have developed an innovative tool called COLDECO to address the challenge of ensuring accuracy and trust in code generated by large language models (LLMs) for tabular data tasks. LLMs often generate complex and potentially incorrect code, making it difficult for non-programmers who use these models for spreadsheet tasks.

Current methods require professional programmers to evaluate and fix the code generated by LLMs, which limits their accessibility to a wider audience. COLDECO aims to bridge this gap by providing end-user inspection features that enhance user understanding and trust in LLM-generated code for tabular data tasks.

Key Features of COLDECO

1. Decompose generated solution: COLDECO allows users to break down the complex code into intermediate helper columns. This feature helps users understand how the problem is solved step by step, making the code more manageable.

2. Interact with a filtered table of summary rows: Users can interact with a table that highlights interesting cases in the program. This makes it easier to identify issues and anomalies, improving code inspection.

User Study Results

A user study involving 24 participants revealed that COLDECO’s features were valuable for understanding and verifying LLM-generated code. Users found both helper columns and summary rows helpful, and they preferred using both features together. However, participants expressed a desire for more transparency in how summary rows are generated to further enhance their ability to trust and understand the code.


COLDECO is a promising tool that empowers non-programmers to work with AI-generated code in spreadsheets. It offers valuable features for code inspection and verification, addressing the critical need for transparency and trust in the accuracy of LLM-generated code. By making programming more accessible to a wider range of users, COLDECO has the potential to revolutionize the field.

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