ChromoSense: Revolutionizing Robotics with Color-Based Sensory Technology

EPFL’s School of Engineering’s Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL) has developed a groundbreaking sensor called ChromoSense. Led by Jamie Paik, the team has created a translucent rubber cylinder containing three sections dyed red, green, and blue, the sensor relies on a simple concept: color. This technology can perceive combinations of bending, stretching, compression, and temperature changes. The sensor can potentially provide more targeted readings and can be easily embedded into different materials for various tasks. The ChromoSense technology could potentially be mass-produced due to its simple mechanical structure. However, the ability to sense multiple stimuli at once is also a challenge for the researchers. They are focusing on improving the technology to sense locally applied forces. Looking ahead, the researchers plan to experiment with different formats for ChromoSense, including a flat form, to broaden the range of applications.

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