Home AI News Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency with Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions!

Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency with Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions!

Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency with Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions!

Introducing Path Intellisense for Visual Studio: Easily Find and Navigate Routes

Are you a developer using C#, VB.NET, or F#? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Path Intellisense. It’s a Visual Studio extension that can greatly benefit you. With Path Intellisense, you can easily identify the routes you need and avoid typos and errors.

How does Path Intellisense work? It parses your project files and creates a database of all the paths used in your project. Then, as you type, it suggests possible routes to help you quickly find where you need to go. It even warns you if you try to enter a non-existent or inaccessible path.

But that’s not all! Path Intellisense also provides definitions for terms, saving you time and preventing mistakes when working with paths. And the best part? It’s completely free to download from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Build Websites Faster with Live Server

If you’re a web designer, you’ll love the Live Server extension for Visual Studio Code. It allows you to build static and dynamic websites locally with live reload. This means you can instantly see the effects of your code changes in your browser without manually reloading it.

Using Live Server is simple. Just open your project in Visual Studio Code and add the extension from the Marketplace. Then, click the Live Server button to start a local server and launch your project in a browser. Any changes you make to your code will instantly appear in the browser. It supports file formats like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python, and works with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js.

Capture Stunning Code Screenshots with CodeSnap

Want to share your code in a visual way? CodeSnap is the perfect tool for you. It’s a plugin for Visual Studio Code that allows you to take beautiful screenshots of your code. Simply select the code you want to capture, press the shortcut combination of Ctrl + Shift + C, and CodeSnap will take a picture of your code and load it in a new tab or window. You can customize the screenshot by zooming and cropping as needed.

CodeSnap captures screenshots with crisp text and vivid colors. You can also customize the color, size, text placement, and line numbers in your screenshots. It supports exporting in formats like PNG, JPEG, and SVG. Give CodeSnap a try and make your code visually appealing.

Add a Touch of Style with Material Icon Theme

Give your Visual Studio Code editor a sleek and modern look with the Material Icon Theme extension. It provides a beautiful and consistent set of icons based on Google’s Material Design. These high-resolution, vector-based icons look great at any size and can be used with various file formats, languages, and instructions.

In addition to the default icons, the Material Icon Theme extension also allows you to create your own custom icons using the Material Design icon library. It’s easy to install and has a wide selection of icons to choose from. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your code editor with Material Icon Theme.

Customize Your Code Formatting with Prettier

Prettier is a popular code formatter that makes your code uniform and easy to read. However, the default settings may not suit everyone’s needs. That’s where the prettier-formatter package comes in. It allows you to customize Prettier’s formatting to your liking.

With the prettier-formatter package, you can define your own formatting rules for Prettier. This ensures that your code is formatted according to your preferred standards. Tailor Prettier to meet your specific needs with the prettier-formatter package.

Manage Your Projects Efficiently with Project Manager

Keeping track of multiple projects can be a challenge. That’s where the Project Manager extension for Visual Studio Code comes in handy. It recognizes Git, Mercurial, and SVN repositories and allows you to save any folder or workspace as a project.

Project Manager offers useful organizational tools, such as tagging projects with relevant keywords and bookmarking frequently used projects for quick access. You can easily locate a project by searching its name, tag, or path. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to switch between tasks. Stay organized and find your projects easily with Project Manager.

Detect and Fix JavaScript Bugs with ESLint

ESLint is a reliable JavaScript linter that helps you find and fix bugs in your code. The ESLint extension for VS Code makes it easy to use ESLint in your projects. It automatically lints your code every time you save a file, allowing you to catch mistakes before they become major issues.

The ESLint extension recommends changes to your code based on the rules you set up. This helps you write better and faster code. It can even fix common ESLint mistakes automatically. Customize ESLint’s linting for your code with the ESLint extension.

Increase Productivity with GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding aid that takes productivity to the next level. It uses OpenAI Codex, a language model trained on billions of lines of code, to provide auto-completion suggestions for your code. It can even generate complete classes or functions based on your comments and instructions.

While still in its early stages, GitHub Copilot has the potential to significantly change how programmers work. It saves time and effort by offering coding completions as you type. It can also analyze your code and suggest improvements, helping you find and fix bugs and make your code more readable and efficient. Boost your productivity with GitHub Copilot.

Improve Code Comments with Better Comments

Comments are essential for code documentation. Better Comments is an extension for Visual Studio Code that enhances the quality of your code comments. It provides premade comment templates for various documentation elements, including individual methods, classes, and TODO and FIXME lists.

With Better Comments, you can color-code your comments for better readability and comprehension. It’s a helpful tool for improving code documentation and making your comments more structured and informative. Give your code comments a boost with Better Comments.


These Visual Studio extensions offer a range of features to enhance your coding experience. From easily navigating paths to capturing stunning code screenshots, managing projects efficiently, and improving code quality, these extensions save you time and effort. Give them a try and see how they can elevate your coding game.

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