Home AI News Apple Developing AI-Powered Chatbot “Apple GPT” to Rival OpenAI and Google

Apple Developing AI-Powered Chatbot “Apple GPT” to Rival OpenAI and Google

Apple Developing AI-Powered Chatbot “Apple GPT” to Rival OpenAI and Google

Apple is reportedly developing its own AI-powered chatbot called “Apple GPT.” Multiple teams within the company are actively working on the project, with a focus on addressing privacy implications. The chatbot is built on Apple’s proprietary large language model (LLM) framework, known as “Ajax,” and the development process is being accelerated through a partnership with Google Cloud.

While other tech giants have already released generative AI products to the public, Apple has been hesitant to embrace this technology. The company even prohibited its employees from using ChatGPT, a popular AI language model developed by OpenAI. Instead, Apple has been experimenting with its own in-house Ajax-powered chatbot.

Apple’s interest in AI technology has been evident through its pioneering voice assistant Siri. However, Siri has faced criticism for its limitations and performance. In recent interviews, Apple’s CEO expressed the company’s keen interest in AI but also acknowledged the challenges and need to address various issues before making significant advancements.

In the evolving landscape of generative AI, tech companies have collaborated to share their large language models (LLMs) with startups and researchers. Meta, for example, made its LLM, LLaMA 2, accessible on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Microsoft runs OpenAI’s GPT model on its Bing search product.

Despite Apple’s secretive stance on its AI plans, insiders predict that the company will make a notable AI-related announcement next year. This has sparked curiosity and speculation within the tech community, which is eager to see how Apple will leverage its expertise to innovate in AI.

In conclusion, Apple’s venture into the AI-powered chatbot realm with “Apple GPT” showcases the company’s commitment to exploring new technological frontiers. While details about the chatbot’s public release are scarce, Apple’s focus on privacy-conscious AI solutions sets a promising tone for the future of generative AI. As industry competitors forge ahead, Apple is now under the spotlight to unveil its vision for AI and leave its mark in the expanding world of artificial intelligence.

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