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Alchemy: A New Benchmark Environment for Meta-RL with Analysis Tools


Title: Alchemy: A New Meta-RL Benchmark Environment for Deep RL


The field of deep reinforcement learning (RL) has witnessed a surge in interest regarding the development of meta-learning techniques. However, the progress in “meta-reinforcement learning” has faced a setback due to the lack of standardized benchmark tasks. To address this issue, we have introduced a groundbreaking benchmark environment, Alchemy, for meta-RL. Not only have we made Alchemy accessible to all by open-sourcing it, but we have also provided a set of analysis tools to facilitate research in this area.

Alchemy: A Meta-RL Benchmark Environment:

Alchemy is a state-of-the-art benchmark environment specifically designed for meta-reinforcement learning. By using Alchemy, researchers can evaluate and compare various meta-learning methods and algorithms. It offers a standardized platform to assess the generalization capabilities of different approaches in RL.

Features of Alchemy:

1. Versatile Environment:

Alchemy provides a diverse set of tasks to ensure the assessment of a broad range of meta-learning algorithms. By including a wide variety of tasks, Alchemy boosts the community’s understanding of the strengths and limitations of different algorithms.

2. Open-source Accessibility:

We believe in the power of collaboration. Therefore, we have made Alchemy an open-source project. This means that researchers from around the world can freely access and utilize Alchemy, enabling them to contribute to the advancement of meta-reinforcement learning.

3. Analysis Tools:

To support researchers in their experimentation and analysis, we have developed a suite of analysis tools that accompany Alchemy. These tools enable researchers to deeply analyze and interpret the results obtained from meta-learning experiments.

The Significance of Alchemy:

Alchemy plays a crucial role in advancing the field of meta-reinforcement learning. It provides researchers with a standardized platform that promotes fair comparisons, encourages collaboration, and facilitates the development of novel meta-learning algorithms. With Alchemy, researchers can concentrate on pushing the boundaries of meta-RL without getting hindered by the scarcity of benchmark tasks.


With the introduction of Alchemy, researchers in the field of deep RL now have access to a comprehensive benchmark environment for meta-reinforcement learning. By combining Alchemy’s versatile tasks, open-source accessibility, and analysis tools, researchers can tackle the challenges of developing superior meta-learning algorithms more effectively.

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