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AI-Powered Tools for Content Creation: DeepSwap, Decktopus, and More!

AI-Powered Tools for Content Creation: DeepSwap, Decktopus, and More!

DeepSwap: Create Convincing Deepfake Videos and Images Easily

DeepSwap is an AI-based tool that allows anyone to create realistic deepfake videos and images with just a few clicks. Whether you want to reface videos, pictures, memes, old movies, or GIFs, DeepSwap has got you covered. And the best part? There are no content restrictions, so you can upload any type of material you want.

Decktopus: Create Professional Presentations in Seconds

Decktopus is an AI-powered presentation tool that makes content creation a breeze. With over 100 customizable templates, you can create stunning, professional presentations in just seconds. Say goodbye to spending hours on designing slides – Decktopus does all the hard work for you.

Promptpal AI: Discover the Best Prompts for AI Models

Promptpal AI is a helpful tool that assists users in finding the best prompts to get the most out of AI models like ChatGPT. With Promptpal AI, you can unleash the full potential of AI and get accurate and relevant results every time.

Quinvio: Quick AI Video Presentations Made Easy

Quinvio is an AI video creation tool that allows you to create quick and engaging video presentations. With an intuitive editor and AI assistance for writing, you can produce high-quality videos in no time. Plus, you have the option to choose an AI spokesperson to make your presentations even more impressive.

AskYourPdf: Easily Interact with PDF Documents

AskYourPdf is an AI chatbot that simplifies the way you interact with PDF documents. It makes extracting insights and information from PDFs a breeze. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless pages – AskYourPdf makes finding what you need quick and easy.

Supernormal: Create Meeting Notes Automatically

Supernormal is an AI-powered tool that automatically creates meeting notes, saving you valuable time. With Supernormal, you can focus on the discussion at hand instead of taking extensive notes. This tool can save you 5-10 minutes per meeting, giving you more time to be productive.

Suggesty: Get Human-like Answers to Google Searches

Suggesty, powered by GPT-3, provides human-like answers to your Google searches. Say goodbye to generic search results – with Suggesty, you get accurate and personalized answers tailored to your query.

ChatGPT Sidebar: Summarize Articles and Explain Concepts

ChatGPT Sidebar is a handy Chrome extension that can be used on any website. It summarizes articles, explains complex concepts, and more. With ChatGPT Sidebar, you can quickly get the information you need without having to read through lengthy content.

MarcBot: Your Chatbot Assistant in Telegram

MarcBot is a chatbot inside Telegram messenger that utilizes ChatGPT API, Whisper, and Amazon Polly. With MarcBot, you can have interactive and engaging conversations, making tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Motion: Create Engaging Chatbots at Scale

Motion enables users to create chatbots that can engage and delight customers across multiple channels and platforms. With Motion, you can create personalized, interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Roam Around: Build Your Travel Itineraries with AI

Roam Around is an AI tool powered by ChatGPT that helps users create their travel itineraries effortlessly. Just provide Roam Around with your preferences, and it will generate personalized recommendations for your trip.

Beautiful AI: Create Beautifully Designed Presentations

Beautiful AI presentation software allows users to quickly create stunning, professional-looking slides. With Beautiful AI, you can design modern and impressive presentations with ease.

Quotify: Find the Most Relevant Quotes from PDFs

Quotify is an AI tool that uses AI to identify the most relevant quotes from any text-based PDF. Say goodbye to manually searching for quotes – Quotify makes finding impactful quotes a breeze.

Harvey: Your AI Legal Advisor

Harvey is an AI legal advisor that provides assistance in contract analysis, litigation, due diligence, and more. With Harvey, you can streamline your legal processes and ensure accuracy in your legal work.

Bearly: AI-based Tool for Faster Reading and Writing

Bearly is an AI-based tool that helps users read, write, and create content faster. With Bearly, you can boost your productivity and efficiency when it comes to reading, writing, and content creation.

Scispace: Simplify Reading and Understanding Complex Content

Scispace is an AI assistant that simplifies reading and understanding complex content. With Scispace, you can highlight confusing text, ask follow-up questions, and search for relevant papers without needing to specify keywords.

Hints: Task Automation with AI

Hints is an AI tool powered by GPT that can be integrated with any software to automate tasks on behalf of the user. With Hints, you can save time and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

Monday.com: Cloud-based Framework for Work Management

Monday.com is a cloud-based framework that allows users to build software applications and work management tools. With Monday.com, you can streamline your workflow and collaborate more effectively with your team.

Base64: Automate Data Extraction from Documents

Base64 is an AI-powered data extraction automation tool that enables users to extract text, photos, and other data from all documents. With Base64, you can save time and effort when it comes to handling and organizing data.

AI Writer: Generate Content with AI

AI Writer is an AI content creation platform that allows users to generate articles and blog posts within seconds. With AI Writer, you can effortlessly create high-quality content without spending hours on writing.

Engage: Augment Your LinkedIn Comments with AI

Engage is an AI tool that enhances your comments to engage prospects on LinkedIn. With Engage, you can make your comments stand out and increase your chances of attracting attention and generating leads.

Google Duplex: AI Technology for Voice Calls

Google Duplex is an AI technology that mimics human voice and can make phone calls on your behalf. With Google Duplex, you can save time and easily schedule appointments or make reservations without picking up the phone.

Perplexity: Accurate Question Answering with AI

Perplexity is an AI tool that aims to provide accurate answers to questions using large language models. With Perplexity, you can get reliable and precise answers to your queries, making information retrieval a breeze.

NVIDIA Canvas: Turn Brushstrokes into Realistic Images

NVIDIA Canvas is an AI tool that transforms simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images. With NVIDIA Canvas, you can create stunning and lifelike artwork with just a few strokes.

Seenapse: Generate Divergent and Creative Ideas

Seenapse is a tool that allows users to generate hundreds of divergent and creative ideas. With Seenapse, you can unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities.

Murf AI: Studio-like Voice Overs Made Easy

Murf AI enables users to create studio-like voice overs within minutes. With Murf AI, you can add professional and engaging voice overs to your videos, podcasts, and more.

10Web: Simplify Website Building with AI

10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform that automates website building, hosting, and page speed optimization. With 10Web, you can create and manage your website with ease, without the need for technical expertise.

KickResume: Create Beautiful Resumes with AI

KickResume is an AI tool that allows users to create professional and visually appealing resumes quickly. With KickResume, you can stand out from the competition and make a strong impression with your resume.

DimeADozen: Validate Business Ideas with AI

DimeADozen is an AI tool that helps users validate their business ideas in seconds. With DimeADozen, you can get valuable insights and feedback on your business concepts, saving you time and effort.

WavTools: Create High-Quality Music for Free

WavTools allows users to make high-quality music in the browser for free. With WavTools, you can unleash your creativity and produce incredible music without the need for expensive software.

Wonder Dynamics: Integrate CG Characters into Real-Life Settings

Wonder Dynamics is an AI tool that seamlessly integrates computer-generated (CG) characters into real-life settings through automatic animation, lighting, and composition. With Wonder Dynamics, you can bring your creative visions to life in a realistic and captivating way.

Gen-2: Generate Videos with AI

Gen-2 is a multimodal AI tool that generates videos by using text, images, or video clips as input. With Gen-2, you can create visually stunning videos that capture the attention of your audience.

Uizard: Design Web and Mobile Apps in Minutes

Uizard is an AI tool that allows users to design web and mobile apps within minutes. With Uizard, you don’t need to be a designer or have coding skills – you can create beautiful and functional apps effortlessly.

Color Palette Generator: Generate Color Palettes with AI

This tool generates color palettes based on English descriptions. With this AI-powered tool, you can easily create visually appealing color schemes for your designs and projects.

Rationale: Make Tough Decisions with AI

Rationale is an AI tool that assists business owners, managers, and individuals in making tough decisions. With Rationale, you can analyze data, weigh options, and get valuable insights to make informed choices.

Vizology: AI-generated Business Intelligence

Vizology is an AI tool that provides businesses with AI-generated responses to inquiries about companies, markets, and contextual business intelligence. With Vizology, you can access accurate and insightful information to drive your business strategies.

PromptPerfect: Optimize Prompts for AI Models

PromptPerfect is a tool that optimizes prompts for AI models like ChatGPT. With PromptPerfect, you can maximize the effectiveness of AI models and get better results for your queries and tasks.

Numerous: Boost Productivity in Excel & Google Sheets

Numerous is an AI assistant that helps users breeze through their busy work in Excel & Google Sheets. With Numerous, you can automate repetitive tasks, analyze data, and enhance your productivity when working with spreadsheets.

Nolan: Craft Compelling Movie Scripts

Nolan is a tool that allows users to craft compelling movie scripts. With Nolan, you can unleash your creativity and create engaging stories that captivate your audience.

Play HT: Generate Realistic Text-to-Speech Voice

Play HT is an AI voice generator that lets users generate realistic text-to-speech voices online. With Play HT, you can bring your written content to life with natural and engaging voices.

PromptGPT: Improve ChatGPT Output with Optimized Prompts

PromptGPT allows users to enhance their ChatGPT output by providing optimized prompts. With PromptGPT, you can get more accurate and relevant responses from ChatGPT for various tasks and queries.

Image Enlarger: Enlarge and Enhance Small Images Automatically

This tool enables users to automatically enlarge and enhance small images. With this AI-powered tool, you can enhance the quality and size of your images effortlessly.

Timely: Boost Productivity with AI-powered Time Tracking

Timely is an AI-powered time-tracking software that helps users boost their productivity. With Timely, you can track your time more efficiently, analyze your productivity patterns, and optimize your workflow.

Replace Siri with ChatGPT on iOS

This IOS shortcut allows users to replace Siri with ChatGPT. With this shortcut, you can have more engaging and interactive conversations with your virtual assistant.

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