AI Jokes: Hilariously Unfunny Gems from Gemini

Gemini: The AI Comedian that Can’t Make a Joke Work

We all know that AI has come a long way, but does it have a sense of humor? Apparently not if we judge by Gemini’s terrible attempt at telling jokes. Here are a few examples of Gemini’s attempts at humor that fall flat, showing us that AI might not be ready to take over the stand-up comedy world just yet.

Gemini’s Jokes About AI

The jokes may be funny at first glance, but they are paradoxically not that funny.(Whoops! I used a “sophisticated” word here!)

Gemini’s Sense of Humor

Gemini’s jokes may be a hit or miss, but it’s certainly interesting to see an AI’s attempt at humor.

When AI Goes Wrong

AI has come a long way in understanding and interpreting human data, but it seems they still have a ways to go in terms of understanding humor.

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