AI Chatbot Conversations: Shifting Perspectives on Climate Change and BLM

How AI Chatbots Influence Conversation

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wanted to see how AI chatbots, like the popular GPT-3, would handle conversations with people from different cultural backgrounds. They recruited over 3,000 participants to chat with the chatbot about climate change or Black Lives Matter in late 2021 and early 2022.

The study found that even though some people were initially skeptical or unsupportive of these issues, the conversations with GPT-3 shifted their thinking. Participants who were less supportive of climate change or BLM moved 6% closer to the supportive end of the scale after chatting with the AI.

GPT-3 offered different response styles for each topic, providing justification for climate change but avoiding discussions about BLM with those who disagreed. This diversity in responses reflects the researchers’ goal of creating dialogue between people with different perspectives and values.

The findings suggest that AI chatbots have the potential to open up important dialogues in society and help people understand different viewpoints and cultures. This research provides valuable insights into the importance of creating understanding and empathy between people with opposing views.

**Impact of AI Chatbots**
The conversation between skeptics and GPT-3 shifted participants’ thinking on climate change and BLM.
Participants from different cultural backgrounds had similar levels of satisfaction with the chatbot.
Diverse responses from GPT-3 reflect the researchers’ goal of creating dialogue between people with different perspectives.

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