12ft: Access Paid Content for Free | PhotoRoom: Professional Photo Editing Made Easy | Mayday: AI-Powered Calendar Revolutionizes Time Management | Stylized.ai: Create Stunning Product Images in Seconds | Tugan.ai: AI-Generated Promotional Emails for Higher Conversion Rates | Pico: Build Simple Web Apps Using AI | Xembly: The AI-Powered Meeting Planner and Task Manager | Claid.ai: Enhance User-Created Content with AI-Powered Photo Editing | Bardeen: Streamlined Automation for Everyday Tasks | Onesta: AI-Powered Email Marketing Campaigns for Better Sales | ChatGPT Writer: AI-Powered Chrome Extension for Composing Professional Emails | Butternut AI: Create Websites without Coding Skills

12ft: A Browser Plugin for Accessing Paid Content

12ft is a browser plugin that allows users to access articles and content that would typically require a paid subscription. When users encounter a paywall, the plugin automatically redirects them to a free version of the site. It’s a simple and straightforward piece of software that works immediately upon installation. You can toggle 12ft on and off for each location you visit. With 12ft, you can avoid paying monthly subscription fees while still having access to premium content. It’s a great way to support DIY media and its creators.

PhotoRoom: A Powerful Picture Editor

PhotoRoom is an advanced picture editor that offers quick and easy ways to create high-quality images. Whether it’s for your products, social media, or any other purpose, you can use PhotoRoom to remove backgrounds, add shadows, and adjust colors with just a few clicks. You can download the PhotoRoom app for free on your iOS or Android device, or you can use it online. If you opt for a paid subscription plan, you’ll be able to export high-resolution images and remove watermarks, among other benefits. It’s a perfect tool for e-commerce merchants and anyone who needs stunning images for advertising.

Mayday: An AI-Powered Calendar

Mayday is a calendar powered by artificial intelligence that helps you manage your time effectively. Available for Apple’s iOS, macOS, and iPadOS platforms, Mayday uses AI to analyze your preferences and schedule events at the best times for you. It also provides suggestions for meeting, task, and schedule customization. Mayday excels at managing the complexities of scheduling with others by considering their availability and preferences. It offers features like smart tags, FYI events, buffer time, and time windows to help you stay on top of your schedule.

Stylized.ai: Create Beautiful Product Images

Stylized.ai is a cloud-based AI application that allows you to create stunning product images in seconds. By uploading a photo to Stylized.ai, the program automatically crops the image, adjusts lighting, and renders it in different settings. It’s a game-changer for e-commerce merchants who want professional-looking product images without the need for a photographer. It’s also a fantastic resource for anyone looking to capture eye-catching images for advertising purposes.

Tugan.ai: AI-Powered Email Generation

Tugan.ai is an AI platform that simplifies the process of creating promotional emails in bulk. Users can upload their content or provide a topic, and the AI generates various email options that are informative and promotional. The goal is to boost conversion rates and strengthen reader relationships. Tugan.ai focuses on profitability and wants users to send emails that get opened, read, and ultimately lead to sales. It’s an efficient tool for automated content creation and sending successful marketing emails.

Pico: Create Web Applications with AI

Pico is a text-to-app platform driven by AI that caters to business owners, consultants, and startups. It allows users to create simple web applications by explaining their ideas in plain English or any other supported language. You don’t need technical knowledge or coding experience to use Pico. You can build apps for lead generation, streamlining processes, and maintaining consumer interest. Pico automatically deploys the app and provides a custom URL for promotion. It also allows users to monitor their app’s progress and create a custom domain.

Xembly: Your All-in-One Meeting Assistant

Xembly is an AI-powered meeting planner, notetaker, and task manager designed to optimize your productivity. It helps you organize meetings, find convenient times for everyone, and automatically takes meeting notes. It keeps you on track with your tasks and provides notifications to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Xembly uses AI to provide feedback on your efficiency and suggests ways to improve. It’s a powerful tool for staying organized and maximizing your time.

Claid.ai: Streamline Photo Editing with AI

Claid.ai is an AI-powered photo editor that simplifies the process of enhancing user-created content. It can resize images without diminishing quality, adjust colors, boost resolution, retouch product photos, and edit user-generated content automatically. With Claid.ai’s API integration, users can quickly and easily modify images. The software increases conversion rates and user desire to buy by enhancing aesthetics. It’s a reliable tool that streamlines vendor onboarding for marketplaces and increases product variety.

Bardeen: Automation Made Easy

Bardeen is an automation program that helps you save time and energy on mundane tasks. It allows you to streamline processes and manage cloud-based software from anywhere with just one click. Bardeen provides premade playbooks to keep you focused and a Builder tool for creating your unique processes. With AI-driven automation, you can reduce wasted time. Bardeen supports a wide range of integrations with popular services, allowing you to access and manage your favorite web apps.

Onesta: AI-Powered Email Marketing

Onesta is a platform that simplifies email marketing campaigns using AI. It helps you create highly personalized emails that connect with leads and increase engagement and conversion. Onesta facilitates consistent communication throughout the sales process, with its AI-powered helper responding to specific queries. It filters through leads to find the best matches, saving time and money through data analysis. The end goal is to secure more sales appointments and increase earnings.

ChatGPT Writer: AI-Powered Email Composition

ChatGPT Writer is a Chrome extension that uses AI technology to compose full emails and messages automatically. With improved functionality for Gmail, you can quickly draft professional-quality responses. The extension is available in multiple major languages and works with various Chromium-based browsers. Users input a few keywords about the topic, and the AI generates a customized email response. It’s a time-saving tool for composing emails effortlessly.

Butternut AI: Easy Website Creation with AI

Butternut AI allows users to create websites quickly and easily, without any coding knowledge. The AI-powered program generates complete websites with text and images that are ready to go live in under 20 seconds. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who wants a website without the technical hassle.

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