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MIT Senior Combines Music and Math to Advocate for Social Justice

MIT Senior Combines Music and Math to Advocate for Social Justice

Title: Ananya Gurumurthy: Combining Music, Math, and Advocacy for Social Justice

Ananya Gurumurthy, a senior at MIT, has been recognized for her exceptional vocal abilities and her commitment to social and economic justice. Inspired by her immigrant parents, she has used her talents in mathematics and computer science to make a positive impact.

Section 1: A Journey Shaped by Identity and Family History
Ananya Gurumurthy hails from Edgemont, New York, and grew up with the stories of her South Asian immigrant parents. Their bravery in leaving everything behind to seek a better life in the United States has instilled in her a deep appreciation for her identity as a South Asian American. These experiences have fueled her desire to reform existing institutions and fight for justice.

Section 2: Combining Music and Politics
Ananya’s passion for music led her to develop her political voice while in high school. Working for New York Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, she witnessed the power of mobilizing constituents to influence legislative change. Recognizing the potential of her math skills in politics, Ananya applied them as a lead analyst for the Democratic National Committee’s midterm election initiative.

Section 3: Research and Advocacy at MIT
Upon joining MIT, Ananya aimed to use digital tools to combat systemic injustices. She honed her data analytics skills to analyze patterns of voter suppression and understand bias in artificial intelligence algorithms. Ananya’s work with organizations like Fair Fight Action and MIT’s ethics laboratories demonstrated the impact of mathematical analysis in empowering marginalized groups.

Section 4: Making a Difference in the MIT Community
Ananya actively participated in various Institute committees, working to improve grade transparency and ensure equal access to education resources during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also initiated the Insite project to centralize data collection on student life for better policy-making. As the Ring Committee chair, she prioritized economic accessibility for all students in MIT’s cherished traditions.

Ananya Gurumurthy plans to attend law school after graduation and merge her technical background with constitutional law to fight for voting rights, social welfare, and ethical technology. Through her activism and digital tools, she aims to challenge existing power structures and drive meaningful progress. Ananya’s passion for music and performance has strengthened her voice as an effective community organizer, inspiring those around her to take action.

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